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Our Dogs

Llewellins are a very specific, pure strain of “English Setter with bloodlines tracing back to the breeding program of nineteenth century R. L. Purcell Llewellin. Llewellin and Edward Laverack played a key role in the development of the breed. Llewellin’s name has been irrevocably associated with those English Setters bred for field work.” (Sparks, Troy. The Llewellin Setter Page)
It should be noted that not all field-type English Setters are FDSB Registered Llewellin Setters, and “Llewellin-type” setters are not FDSB registered Llewellin Setters.All of our Dogs are pure bred Llewellins and the difference is notable. Most Blaze clients remember my dogs name better than mine! Too bad they don’t answer phones and book trips too.
Llewellin bloodlines include Dashing, Bondhu, Wind’em, Bomber, Gladstone, Tony-O, Royacelle and Blizzard. All of our dogs are primarily from the Gladstone, Dashing Iron Mike, and Bondhu bloodlines. We have an exclusive partnership with Birch Creek Llewellins where we acquire all of our dogs. I have yet to see a better bloodline! I secretly enjoy watching other dogs flounder while mine wow the most seasoned handlers and guides.
Our dogs portray the best of the Llewellin traits: intelligence, strong natural abilities, a desire to please, willingness to work for the gun and a companionable disposition. You can make a pet of these dogs and you won’t have a bit of trouble with them in the field. Their disposition contributes to the dog’s easy handling.I could go on, but why don’t you just come out and see them first hand.